Mother's Day Breakfast made easy | with Dinnerly

Some days you just want something a bit extra, and you deserve it. With Mother's Day fast approaching, our culinary experts have come up with something a little more indulgent to treat yourself (or Mum) with.

By: Meagan / 22.04.2020

Ordering a Mother's Day brekky might sound crazy because YOU are the Mum who is ordering Dinnerly. However follow these steps, to make sure that your hardworking self gets the breakfast in bed, that's deserved.

What's on the menu?

Chocolate and Caramelised Pear Hotcakes with Maple Yoghurt

Picture this: Sweet caramelised pears with smooth, silky Belgian chocolate and maple yoghurt are piled on to oven warmed hotcakes. Something a little fancy, very easy and super tasty all wrapped up for Mother's Day.

DN Mothers Day Finishing Touches

1) Hint to your family about Dinnerly’s new Chocolate and Caramelised Pear Hotcakes, conveniently in time for Mother's Day.

Don't forget to order it through your account, available to order now under 'Add Ons'

2) Leave the recipe open on your phone, ipad and desktop, around the house. (Be strategic)

For quick access to the recipe card - click here.

3) When your Dinnerly Box arrives, place all the breakfast ingredients at the front of the fridge, with a post-it note saying ‘Sunday’

If all else fails, we have made it so easy cook, you can whip it up and eat it all yourself! You deserve it.


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