Start feelin’ festive with Dinnerly

We have two weeks of festive, tastiness waiting for you, this December. And no meal is complete without dessert! 🎄💜 🧁

By: Meagan / 18.11.2019

The decorations are already up in the shopping centres, it won’t be long until the carols start as well. If you can’t beat them, join them.

We want to share with you our plan for this festive season of eating…

Our brainiacs in culinary, thought instead of just having one massive box, for one day, why don’t we extend it over TWO WEEKS!

On the weeks commencing the 16th of December and 23rd of December, your Dinnerly dinner choices each week will look something like this:

  • Overall 15 very tasty,(ranked with two thumbs 👍👍 up by the Dinnerly Staff) dinners;
  • 3 very impressive festive meals (2x meat and 1x vegetarian)
  • 1 very desirable dessert - with no judgement if you just want to order 4 rounds of dessert

In case you missed that, we said DESSERT!

By extending out these festive meal-kit options, you can host the friends over one week, then family the next. Or if you have a long lost aunt’s BBQ to attend, well you don’t have to think about what to make - we have you covered!

We will reveal, the full menu shortly, but to leave you on a cliffhanger, here are a few dishes to get you excited!

Christmas Sticky Pork and Apples with Red Roasties

StickyProkApples GIF

This dish is a triple threat. It has Christmas in the title, and one of the greatest couplings in the food world - Pork and Apple. Name us a better duo, we can wait. If this doesn’t get you in the festive spirit we’re not sure what will.

Gooey Chocolate, Walnut and Coconut Cakes with Chocolate Sauce and Strawberries

Chocolate Cake GIF

Here we have a dessert that will trump all others on the dessert table. And unlike the others, it can be created in 5 simple, easy-to-follow steps. Dessert Queen and Culinary Director of Dinnerly, Yasmin has created this fudgey, gooey, chocolatey wonderment. Complete with strawberries and chocolate sauce on the side.

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