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Follow our kitchen hacks for genius ways to spend less time prepping food, less time cleaning up, and make sure no food goes to waste!

By: Dinnerly / 07.09.2021

At Dinnerly, we’re all about helping you save money, save time and save your sanity with our easy recipes and convenient meal kits.

To make life even easier, our kitchen hacks will teach you genius ways to spend less time prepping food, less time cleaning up, and to make sure no food goes to waste.

Our easy, quick, game-changing tricks and tips are brought to you by expert foodie Yasmin Newman – Dinnerly’s very own Head of Culinary. Check them out below!

The easiest way to make a super tasty (and waste-free!) salad dressing

Don’t chuck out that empty mustard jar! Shake it up with two parts oil, one part vinegar and hey, presto – you’ve got a delish salad dressing that uses up the last of the mustard, too.

How to stop beetroot from staining your chopping board

Before you start chopping beetroot, rub your chopping board with a light layer of oil. Because beetroot juice is water-based it won’t mix with the oil. Messy stains, be gone!

The fastest way to measure cupcake batter

Want to measure out cupcake batter quickly, easily and without making a mess? Make your ice cream scoop work double time!

How to stop peanut butter from separating

Does your peanut butter keep separating? Fix that right up by storing the jar of peanut butter upside down! This keeps the oils and solids in the peanut butter mixed together, so it stays nice and smooth.

How to roll perfect meatballs

Say no to sticky, messy hands and wonky meatballs! Simply dip your hands in water before you start rolling. So easy, so fast, zero mess!

The easiest way to get solid honey out of the jar

Struggling to get sticky, solid honey out of the jar? Simply run your spoon under hot water for a few seconds to warm it up and – ta-da! – it’ll melt right through the honey so it comes out of the jar easy and fast.

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